Targeted Care for Cancer

What does it mean when we say we are developing targeted care for cancer?

“Targeted care for cancer” refers to the idea of developing therapies targeted at patients’ specific cancer genetics. There are many different genes which cause cancer (known as oncogenic drivers), and the more targeted a therapy is towards that specific driver, the higher its potential for efficacy.

Rain Therapeutics works to identify unique compounds and match their mechanisms to unmet needs in cancer by understanding these specific oncogenic drivers. With this approach, Rain hopes to be able to provide precision medicine strategies to patients with limited options.

For patients with EGFR-driven cancers, Rain has identified tarloxotinib, a prodrug that is activated by tumor hypoxia, a chemical, rather than physical, property of tumors. This unique delivery system leads to delivery of active drug where it is needed (i.e. the site of the tumor) rather than where it is not wanted (i.e. healthy cells), giving patients with EGFR-driven cancers a targeted strategy that has the potential to attack the tumor, without the debilitating side effects of non-targeted therapies.